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About us

Aard Development Trust was formed and registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales in June 2011 (Charity Reg no. 1142180). It was created from the Black Leopard Development Trust, formed in 2010. As the Charity's work expanded it was registered and the name changed to better reflect the areas of interest.

Aard is an Africaans/Dutch word meaning Soil/Planet (as in aardvaark and aardwolf) reflecting the Trust's ecological and conservation focus.


The Trustees have a wide background in Wildlife Management, Education and Community Development.


Tim Moughtin (Chair) has a Mphil in Wildlife Mangement from Pretoria University, South Africa, with a Masters Thesis focussing on the implementation of Quality Management systems in Game reserves. Tim was a Management Consultant for 15 years before changing carreers after taking a Postgraduate Diploma in Wildlife Mangement from Otago University, New Zealand. Tim is Managing Director of Aard Ecology Ltd, undertaking protected species survey and mitigation projects in the UK. His wide range of experiences in 3 continents allows for flexible and innovative approaches to wildlife issues.

Jennifer Leay has 10 years experience teaching and tutoring both adults and children, including Kamuzu Academy in Malawi. Jenny has a background in operational research and planning. The combination of training and analysis of organisational performance are key ingredients to formulating capacity building programmes. Jennifer is also a trained Bookkeeper and ensures sound financial controls on all projects.

Prof Cliff Moughtin is a retired Professor of Planning and Architecture at University of Nottingham, England. He has lived and worked in Nigeria, Ghana and Sudan. Cliff's special interest in community development projects in developing countries is invaluable when formulating project proposals. His publications include “Who Needs Development?: Planning with the Poor in Third World Countries”, "Hausa Architecture", "Urban Design: Green Dimensions" and "Income generating activities for women in rural settlements: A case study in West Nubariya, Egypt".